Monday, March 3, 2008

Drummond's Recommend from 2 Perspectives

28 August 2007

In 2003 our little cabin in the woods needed many repairs and we wanted more room and light. We had a general idea of what we wanted; a larger living room and a covered porch. I wanted lots of light with big windows, two sets of French doors, a tile floor, natural wood, used brick and earth tone colors. One thing led to another and we asked Mitchel to remodel the kitchen and bath.

Mitchel had such innovative ideas that he knew how to incorporate my wishes into a functional, low maintenance, high quality, and unique product.
I don’t think anyone else could have done what Mitchel did. His spontaneous ideas made our little cabin into a beautiful home.

Anne Drummond
Idaho City

In 2003 we needed extensive repairs on our home, i.e. front porch removed, new siding, new windows, roof replaced, portions of foundation replaced and a large new addition constructed on the front of the building.

Mitchel and I sat at the kitchen table and used notebook paper and discussed the scope of work and dimensions. My wife told him what she wanted it to look like. She also had the kitchen and bathroom redone.

Throughout the construction process, Mitchel used only high quality material and utilized proper construction techniques and was very patient with my wife’s insistence of what d├ęcor she wanted.

Mitchel is hard working, is honest and has integrity. I highly recommend him to work for you.

Michael Drummond
Idaho City

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